lifechariot.academy work is rooted in evidence-based research into emotions (Affective Sciences). Emotions are described as evolutionary functions which serve those in which they animate.

Emotions are our motivations to do things and not to do other things. All of the major psychiatric conditions have emotional dysregulation at their core. Mental health is governed by appropriate emotional expressions. Repression of emotions is shown to lead to disease and disease progression. This is because emotions are homeostatic functions, so they are necessary for good health, yet good health is not maintained by maximising positive emotions and minimising negative emotions. Both positive and negative emotions are needed. Learning the evolutionary functions that emotions perform gives us a good grounding in when positive emotions are appropriate and when negative emotions are appropriate. The reserve is true too. We can see when emotions are inappropriately expressed.

Much abuse of persons in society is based upon exploiting emotional expressions (such as fear, terror, anger, guilt and sympathy). Emotional literacy significantly reduces such abuse and indeed prevents it from occurring once learnt. Interpersonal conflicts in relationships are associated with developmental behavioural problems in children and long term disease outcomes in adults (such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease).

lifechariot.academy is devoted to emotional literacy, for it’s the foundation of emotional intelligence, and thus is given the principal place in terms of learning order. This site gives an evidence-based, up-to-date, account of the core emotions that govern humanity. Around 60 automated reactions to perception (emotions) are described in detail and can be found on the main navigation menu “emotions” tab.